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Masters in Business Administration

38 Credits

The Graduate Program in Business Administration of the School of Business Administration at Universidad Ana G. Méndez offers a Master of Business Administration Degree with majors in Human Resources and Management, Accounting and Marketing. The program offers an outstanding curriculum which prepares students to effectively and efficiently assume management responsibilities required by today’s organizations.

The academic experience in the program allows students to develop the necessary competencies in the area of Business Administration which will enable them to assume managerial and leadership positions in the public and private sectors. The program also contributes to the student’s formation as persons who are educated and skilled, capable of meeting personal and professional goals, and able and willing to assume social responsibility.

Program Objectives/ Outcomes:

Upon completion of this program students will have:

  • Advanced concepts in the different management areas, such as: accounting, marketing, production, statistics, finance, organizational behavior, management information systems, and others which will help him/her in the performance of administrative positions.
  • Skills in decision-making, planning, organization, supervision and managerial controls.
  • Conceptual, psychomotor and affective skills, related with the new managerial technology.
  • Written and verbal skills.
  • Attitudes, work habits and skills for interpersonal relations which guarantee personal and professional success.
  • Ethic and social conscience, such as to be a competent professional and exemplary citizen.
  • Skills in the research process and in the solution of administrative problems.
  • Communicate adequately in English and Spanish both orally and in writing.

ACCO 500-O Accounting Survey (This course is recommended for those students who do not possess a background in business administration although this course is worth 3 credit hours, they are not counted towards the total amount of credits for the degree)

HURE 501-O Human Capital Management

MANA 505-O Management Information Systems

MANA 600-O Business Policy and Ethics

MANA 720-O Operations and Production Management

ACCO 503-O Managerial and Financial Accounting

ECON 519-O Managerial Economics

MARK 511-O Marketing Management

STAT 556-O Applied Managerial Statistics

INBU 600-O International Business

MANA 605-O Business at the Private- Public Intersection

MANA 700-O Entrepreneurship

MANA 709-O Managing Organizational Diversity

MANA 755-O Global Management Practicum