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Masters in Management

42 Credits

Offered at the Metro Orlando,South Florida, and Tampa Bay Branch Campuses

The Master in Management Degree with specialization in Health Service Management aspires to help develop in a diverse student population critical thinking skills, creativity, knowledge development and applied skills in Health Service Management. The graduate from the program will be a professional academically trained with the skills to perform successfully at the middle-level management of health service organizations.

The program will distinguish itself by graduating fully bilingual professional with a holistic view of the health services system. In addition, the program courses will include among other courses in health program evaluation, quality and cost control while developing decision making skills in the context of a health services delivery.

Finally, the student will obtain the ethical and legal knowledge to practice his profession in a highly ethical and legal health services environment.

Program Objectives:

  • Provide a current and modern curriculum within a conceptual framework that will promote the integral development of the student and the basic skills necessary to perform at the middle level of management in health service organizations.
  • Develop specialists in health service management with a holistic view and the skills, competencies necessary to perform in a management in health services organizations.
  • Contribute in the education and training of professionals capable of developing creative and cost effective strategies that improve the quality health services delivered by organizations.
  • Promote the education of professionals with a holistic vision and with the skills to adapt positively and proactively to changes in society.
  • Educate professionals with the necessary skills to evaluate environments strategicallyand assess the impact of changes in the quality of health services.
  • Develop in students the necessary research skills, specialized knowledge of information resources in the area of health services.
  • Provide observation and analytical skills necessary to apply theoretical knowledge to specific circumstances and obtain usable and practical information.
  • Foster the development of ethical, dynamic and creative management leaders that will add value to health service organizations and services.
  • Develop professionals that have the skills of collaborative work, communication and conflict resolution that will maintain group cohesion and productivity in the context of health service organizations.
  • Educate professionals with a clear and integrated vision of human behavior and its effects in organizational change. The program will train professionals with the vision to implement innovative, ethical and creative leadership and management styles to take advantage of new opportunities for the development and growth of health service organizations at the state, national, and international level.

Educate bilingual professionals capable of providing services in English and Spanish and on helping health service organizations serve culturally diverse populations.

HESM 500-O Organizational Behavior

HESM 510-O Strategic Planning in Health Services Organizations

HESM 520-O Fundamentals of Accounting and Finance in Health Services

HESM 530-O Economy in the Healthcare Market

HESM 540-O Health Services Information Systems

HESM 550-O Research Methods in Health Services Management

HESM 560-O Applied Biostatistics

HESM 570-O Fundamentals of Epidemiology

HEMG 600-O Fundamental in Health Services Evaluation

HEMG 610-O Legal And Ethical Issues in the Evaluation of Health Services

HEMG 620-O Quality Management in Health Services

HEMG 630-O Analysis of Models of Program Evaluation

HEMG 640-O Effective Strategies in the Health Services Evaluation

HEMG 650-O Final Project: Development of a Health Services Evaluation Model