Transfer Students From Other Programs or Universities


  1. Students from other fully accredited universities may be admitted if they fulfill the following requirements:
  1. Have a minimum of 24 attempted credits or its equivalent from an accredited institution of post-secondary education. Twelve (12) of those credits must be with a “C” or above to be admitted as a transfer student,
  2. Attend an orientation session in order to apply to the Accelerated Studies Program and fulfill the admission's requirement of the program to which they are applying.
  3. All transfer students must meet the residency requirements prior to graduation
  4. Not be on academic or disciplinary probation at the institution from which they are transferring
  1. Transfer credits will be considered attempted credits and will not be considered in the calculation of the retention index.

Residency Requirements

  1. Each student who transfers to the Accelerated Studies Programs must observe the following rules to establish residency and be eligible for graduation.
  1. Complete a minimum of thirty (30) credits, six (6) of which must be in the major or concentration courses of the bachelor degree programs offered at the University.
  2. A maximum of (12) credits may be transferred from other institutions at the Master’s level.

Validation of Transfer Credit for Courses

  1. Validating transfer credits assumes that the student was admitted to the university as a transferred student.
  1. The validation will take into consideration each of the classes approved and their equivalency with a corresponding subject offered at the University.
  1. Undergraduate courses approved with a grade or equivalent of “C” or higher at the other institution will be considered for transfer credit. Nevertheless, students admitted to the Graduate programs, must comply with the specific requirements for each of the master’s programs.
  1. The maximum amount of credits that can be accepted will be in accordance with the

institution’s Academic Norms, Regulations, and Procedures.

  1. The Registrar or Associate Registrar or the will establish equivalencies for the courses, consulting with the faculty member specialized in the area and using the transferring institution’s catalog and official course description as a base.
  1. The Office of the Registrar or Associate Registrar, as applicable to the Campus, will inform the student of the courses officially accepted for transfer.
  1. Courses taken at the three institutions of SUAGM are generally accepted for transfer to other system institutions. However, the transferability of credits is solely at the discretion of the accepting system institution. It is the student’s responsibility to confirm whether or not credits from Universidad del Este will be accepted by the system institution chosen by the student.

Foreign Students

  1. All requirements for admission, readmission, and transfer will apply to foreign students.
  1. Admission for foreign students will be subject to Federal and State Immigration Laws and

regulations in effect.

  1. Metro Orlando Campus, South Florida and Tampa Bay Campus

are authorized to receive students with F-1 Visa. Interested applicants must contact the Director Student Affairs at each Campus for specific related processes.